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TOPIC 7 - The Jurassic Period • During the Early Jurassic...

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TOPIC 7 – BREAKING UP PANGAEA Introduction Pangaea was surrounded by the Panthalassa Ocean By the end of the Triassic Period, Pangaea began to rift apart in some places but largely remained intact until the Jurassic Period. PLATE TECTONICS DURING THE AGE OF DINOSAURS The Triassic Period The Early Triassic continents comprised the large Pangaea supercontinent, with only a few stray land masses unassembled. An east-west indentation into Pangaea, called the Tethys Sea, began to form. During the Late Triassic, rifting began to split portions of Pangaea apart.
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Unformatted text preview: The Jurassic Period • During the Early Jurassic, south-central Asia joined Pangaea, creating a more prominent Tethys Sea between Europe-Asia and the southern continents. • By the Late Jurassic, a narrow central Atlantic Ocean formed, separating Africa from eastern North America. The Cretaceous Period • During the Cretaceous, the South Atlantic Ocean widened rapidly. • Sevier Orogeny – Cretaceous deformation in the west Post-Cretaceous Finishing Touches • The reign of dinosaurs ended at the end of the Cretaceous period....
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  • Jurassic period, Triassic period, Pangaea, large Pangaea supercontinent, BREAKING UP PANGAEA, Early Triassic continents

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