MUS 110D Notes 7-23

MUS 110D Notes 7-23 - String quartet were part of chamber...

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String quartet were part of chamber’’’ Chamber music usually consisted of many different genres In 1882, H.C. Koch said that chamber music is a good mixture of genres and those listeners/performers are required to interpret it creatively. He compared operas to paintings on the ceiling and chamber music as a painting to be admired. Chamber music is a mixture of affects and requires the music to be creatively interpreted by the listener or performer. He also said that it is a refinement. Violin 1 is at the top of the scale. It is usually the principle or dominant melody. Violin 2 is lower scale than the Violin 1. Viola is lower still Cello is the lowest There is a lot of polyphony, fugal, counterpoint, etc. The six quartets that Mozart dedicated to Joseph Hayden are referred to as the “Haydn Quartets” and were written in 1783 – 1788. Mozart wrote that these were the fruits of a long and laborious labor which took 2 and ½ years. The quartets were 4 movements each. Mozart dedicated these quartets and had a string quartet play the first three movements for Haydn who liked them. Mozart played viola, his father played the violin, and two other friends played the Violin 2 and cello. Haydn quoted that Mozart was one of the greatest performers and composers. This was later used for promotional purposes.
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MUS 110D Notes 7-23 - String quartet were part of chamber...

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