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Belly Dancing - Music 129B Fall 2005 Misconceptions of...

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Music 129B Fall 2005 Misconceptions of Belly Dancing For my ethnographic report, I decided to do a case study of belly dancing. I enrolled at the UC Davis Experimental College course of “Ancient Art of Belly Dance – 120-1b.” The class is located in the Experimental College’s main dance room and it meets once a week for a total of four weeks. The dance instructor’s name is Delia Echegaray, also known as Daleela. “She studied dance, music, and piano at UC Davis and holds a Master's degree in Psychology. She is an Elly award-winning dancer who starred as Esmeralda with Garbeau's family theatre in Sacramento. Daleela trained with world- renowned Egyptian teachers, performed in Egypt, and also appeared on the cover of the international dance magazine 'El Raks El Sharki'.” (Biography from .) Daleela has been performing belly dancing over fifteen years and has been teaching belly dance for approximately seven or eight years. The belly dancing that she teaches in this course is of the Egyptian form. My first impression of this class is that belly dancing is different from Western dance such as Waltz, Ballet, or Ballroom dance where there is a lot of structure and movements to only one tempo. Some of the music that I practiced belly dancing to occasionally had more than one tempo in the middle of a song and the dance would change the combinations with each new rhythm. Belly dancing is a unique form of dancing. It might be thought of as an exotic and 1
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interesting art form because there is no Western dance associated with it. It is a
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Belly Dancing - Music 129B Fall 2005 Misconceptions of...

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