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Fedewa_Directions - developed The Four Directions are very...

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2 After Anishinabe and Firekeeper’s Daughter get married they have four  sons.  When these sons become young men Anishinabe and the Firekeeper’s  Daughter send each son to one of The Four Directions (North, East, South, and  West).  Each of the four sons goes out to their Direction and each son is met by a  Doorman.  Each Doorman is accompanied by a young woman, after each son  explored their land they each went back to the Doorman and asked permission to  take the young woman, the Doorman’s daughter, and make homes for  themselves.  Each son got married started families that grew and grew and  eventually in each of The Four Directions all the things necessary for life were 
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Unformatted text preview: developed. The Four Directions are very important to the Anishinaabeg because like many things in their culture they believe balance comes in fours. Such as the four seasons, the four colors of man, the four grandfathers, and etc. They believe the Four Directions are the four cardinal points, they are represented by four colors. North is white, east is yellow, south is red, and west is black. The four directions remind the Anishinaabeg many things, such as the need for balance in the world, and the balance to strive for everyday. According to the Anishinaabeg everything comes in fours, so it’s easier to learn....
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