Fedewa_War - ideas and vigor into the cause. By 1758 the...

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3 The French and Indian War was started after Virginians staged an  unsuccessful attack on a French detachment.  After this attack the French  countered with an assault on Fort Necessity and trapped Coronel George  Washington and his soldiers inside the fort.  Washington surrendered after a third  of his men were killed.  This conflict was the beginning of the North American  section of The Great War for Empire also known as The Seven Years War or as  we know it, The French and Indian War.  The Anishinaabeg of Michigan became  allies with the French and the Iroquois, who tried to stay neutral, eventually sided  with the British.  In order to win the war the British had to bring more people and  weapons to North America than they had ever before.  The war was not going  well until late in 1757 when a statesman named William Pitt injected some fresh 
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Unformatted text preview: ideas and vigor into the cause. By 1758 the British controlled several French outposts and in September of 1760 the French surrendered. Britain won the war and the French signed a peace treaty but the Native Americans were not invited to the signing and therefore did not consider themselves conquered. The impact this war had on Michigan is an impact that still lives on today. Nearly all the French civilians stayed in Michigan after the war and the French were the largest non-Indian population in Michigan. In fact many Michiganians can trace their ancestry back to the French settlers. Not much remains from this time period except names such as Detroit, Au Sable, Presque Isle, Isle Royal, and Grand Traverse Bay. There is even a county named after Marquis de Montcalm who lost the decisive battle....
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Fedewa_War - ideas and vigor into the cause. By 1758 the...

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