zoo vocab - Chapter 1 Adaptive radiation Alleles Allelic...

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Chapter 1 Adaptive radiation Alleles Allelic frequency Allopatric speciation Biogenetic law Chromosomal theory of inheritance Coelom Common descent Comparative method Controls Cretaceous extinction Directional selection Disruptive selection Evolution Evolutionary sciences Experimental method Experimental sciences Fitness Fossil Gene pool Genetic drift Genotype Gradualism Hardy-weinberg equilibrium Heterochrony Heterozygous Homeothermy Homology Hypotheses Hypotheticodeductive method Inbreeding Inheritances of acquired characteristics Macroevolution Mass extinctions Microevolution Multiplication of species Natural selection Neo-darwinism Nested hierarchy Ontogeny Permian extinction Perpetual change Phenotypes Phyletic gradualism Polymorphism
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Positive assortative mating Proximate causes Punctuated equilibrium Pyhylogeny Recapitulation Reproductive barriers Sexual selection Speciation Species selection Spiral cleavage Stabilizing selection Theory Trends Ultimate causes Uniformitarianism Chapter 15 Acanthodians: A group of the earliest known true jawed fishes from Lower Silurian to Lower Permian. Agnathans: A jawless fish of the super-class Agnatha of the phylum Chordata. Anaspids: Amniotes in which the skull lacks temporal openings, with turtles the only living representatives. Coelom: The body cavity in tripoloblastic animals, lined with mesodermal peritoneum. Conodont: Toothlike element from a Paleozoic animal now believed to have been an early marine vertebrate. Endoskeleton: A skeleton or supporting framework within the living tissues of an
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zoo vocab - Chapter 1 Adaptive radiation Alleles Allelic...

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