CE 311K Lab3 Report - Mean2=(Math2+Sci2+Eng2)/N_Sub

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Lab3. Rounding and Mixed Mode Operation Margaret M. Thompson Section No. 14885 01/29/08 1. SCREEN PRINT OUT 2. CODE ! ======================================================== ! CE311K Introduction to Computer Methods ! Lab3 - Mixed-mode operation ! Programmed by Leonardo A. Ramirez ! Revised by Margaret Thompson ! 1/29/08 ! ======================================================== Program mixed ! Declaration of variables N_Stu=4 N_Sub=3 Math1=7.8; Math2=8.1; Math3=6.5; Math4=6.6 Sci1=8.6; Sci2=8.5; Sci3=8.0; Sci4=8.2 Eng1=7.5; Eng2=7.2; Eng3=9.0; Eng4=7.4 ! Open a data file Open (unit=6, file='average.dat', status='unknown')
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! Average Calculations Avg_Math=(Math1+Math2+Math3+Math4)/N_Stu Avg_Sci=(Sci1+Sci2+Sci3+Sci4)/N_Stu Avg_Eng=(Eng1+Eng2+Eng3+Eng4)/N_Stu Mean1=(Math1+Sci1+Eng1)/N_Sub
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Unformatted text preview: Mean2=(Math2+Sci2+Eng2)/N_Sub Mean3=(Math3+Sci3+Eng3)/N_Sub Mean4=(Math4+Sci4+Eng4)/N_Sub CLAVG1=(Mean1+Mean2+Mean3+Mean4)/N_Stu CLAVG2=(Avg_Math+Avg_Sci+Avg_Eng)/N_Sub print*, "Ave Math=", Avg_Math print*, "Ave Sci=", Avg_Sci print*, "Ave Eng=", Avg_Eng print*, "Mean1=", Mean1 print*, "Mean2=", Mean2 print*, "Mean3=", Mean3 print*, "Mean4=", Mean4 print*, "Class Ave 1=", CLAVG1 print*, "Class Ave 2=", CLAVG2 write (6,*) "Ave Math=", Avg_Math write (6,*) "Ave Sci=", Avg_Sci write (6,*) "Ave Eng=", Avg_Eng write (6,*) "Mean1=", Mean1 write (6,*) "Mean2=", Mean2 write (6,*) "Mean3=", Mean3 write (6,*) "Mean4=", Mean4 write (6,*) "Class Ave 1=", CLAVG1 write (6,*) "Class Ave 2=", CLAVG2 End 3. OUTPUT FILE...
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CE 311K Lab3 Report - Mean2=(Math2+Sci2+Eng2)/N_Sub

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