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Lecture 3 – Immunoglobulins and Complements Dr.George Garratty BIO 499 - February 6, 2008 Immuno-hematology : immunology of hematology Immunologists were called bacteriologists. o Work in many different areas: cellular immunology Antibody History o Most of Immunology started to come to the surface around late 1800s and early 1900s o 1880-Vaccination- Jenner worked with cowpox and small pox o Later 1800s – bacteriologists found bacterial agglutinating red blood cells A lot of work was done in Germany and Russia at this time US and Japanese catch up later o Landsteiner discovered ABO blood group and got a Nobel prize for identifying ABO blood group o In 1972 Porter and Edelman won a Nobel prize for finding out a structure and function of antibody Antibody chemistry and structure o Ultracentrifuge: globulin fracture can be divided into two major component Small molecule(7s proteins=IgG) that weighs about 150,000-160,000 Large molecule(19s proteins=IgM)that weighs about million o Immunoelectrophoresis: globulin can break down farther into different components and not just a small molecule and a large molecule o Structure of IgG: Porter described the structure of IgG molecule by working with rabbits Rabbit’s IgG structure is very similar to humans
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The Fc portion of IgG in rabbit crystallized out o International nomenclature: came out with a term IMMUNOGLOBULIN Globulin with antibody property IgM, IgG and IgA are the 3 most important immunoglobulins o IgE is to do with allergen and IgD is for lymphocyte o No blood antibody group for IgE and IgD Antibody Structure o Composed of foud polypeptide chains that are connected by disulfide bond o Fab fragment: region where RBC binds to o Fc fragment: can’t crystallize in human
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Lecture_3 - Lecture 3 Immunoglobulins and Complements...

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