chem122_intro - Hello I am Dr Zellmer I am teaching 122...

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Hello. I am Dr. Zellmer. I am teaching 122 Summer quarter. I apologize if you are getting this and you are not signed up for 122. I got the current roster with your e-mails from the Carmen. Please read the WHOLE message and any to follow. This is just a little note to let you know a few things about 122. Read the following and it will make things easier for you when we start on Monday, 6/16/08. I will see you in lecture on Tuesday. You WILL meet for lab and recitation the first week. Please remember to bring your goggles from 121 to lab, if you can find them (if not we will provide new ones). You will be checking in and doing exp 11 during the first lab. You will need to prepare your notebook and pre-lab for exp. 11 and have it when you go to the first lab. 1) I have a web page. The address of my homepage is: This is my main homepage. You will find instructions for viewing course material about 1/3 of the way down the page. Essentially you need Acrobat Reader to view most of the course material. Netscape and IE generally already have AR as a plug-in. My web page is optomized for viewing with Netscape and Firefox. Right under that you will find instructions for using Carmen and a link to the proper Carmen location. Please read these instructions. I mainly use Carmen to keep track of your grades. You won't have any grades entered until about the 3rd week of the quarter. It is a good idea to check your grades periodically throughout the quarter to make sure your TA has correctly entered your grades. You will also find the publisher's Solutions Manual in Carmen (see item #2 near end of this message). If you scroll down a little further you will see a link that will take you to our 122 course. There you will find the syllabus for the quarter. Take a look at it. You will get a paper copy the first day of lecture. I won't spend a lot of time on it during lecture. You are responsible for reading it and knowing the information it gives. You will also see several other links. a) Notes This link has the notes I will be using during the quarter. I use overheads. The notes are a copy of my overheads, two per page. We cover a lot of material in 122 and the class moves quickly. There are a lot things you will be seeing and it is often difficult for you to keep up and make sure you've written everything correctly. I will usually cover 7-11 of these printed pages per lecture (15-22 overheads). You can also purchase these notes from UniPrint at Tuttle Park Place. They will be selling the notes in two packets. The first packet may or may not be ready by Monday. Unless you can print free from the web or you have your own laser printer I would suggest you purchase them from UniPrint. It will be cheaper than printing them on an inkjet printer and some people have complained that it can be painfully slow
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depending on where and how you print them. I suggest you call UniPrint sometime on Friday to see when
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chem122_intro - Hello I am Dr Zellmer I am teaching 122...

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