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I will make the following suggestions for how you can do well in this course. 1) Keep up. Do NOT fall behind. We cover a lot of material each week (about 1 chapter). Read the chapter and notes we will be covering that week before coming to lecture. Just skim over it to get an idea of what we will be covering. You do not have to try to understand it at that point but it will help you follow what I will be doing in class. After I've covered the material in class then you will want to read it again. However, this time you want to take it slowly and try to understand what you are reading (see "5" below). I call this "critically analyzing" the material. This means you want to read the material carefully, looking at tables, figures, graphs, etc. when they are referred to in the text. Try to understand how the numbers in the tables are being used in examples and what the figures and graphs are showing. You will be asked to use figures and graphs in the lab and questions on the quizzes and exams. You really need to study the material more than once before a quiz or an exam. If you attempt to "study" only the night before a quiz or a few days before an exam you will more than likely not do well, or not as well as you can. I have found that the reason most people do not do well on exams is not because they are simply nervous about not doing well (test anxiety). They are nervous because they "know" (at least subconsciously) they don't really understand the material as well as they should. When you really and truly know the material you can walk in to take a quiz or exam with confidence and tell yourself that you will do well. Then you won't be so nervous and you will do fine. 2) Do ALL the homework I assign, at the very least. Most people do more than what I assign to make sure they do well. Make sure you understand the material and YOU can do the homework on your own w/o depending on my solutions or looking at examples. I suggest doing homework as we go
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This note was uploaded on 07/17/2008 for the course CHEM 122 taught by Professor Zellmer during the Summer '07 term at Ohio State.

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studying_122 - I will make the following suggestions for...

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