3rd essay - 3rd essay explaining what the different...

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3 rd essay – explaining what the different approaches – different ideological leanings – a court case or two to support your explanation The essay for the 3rd exam deals with what has to be taken into consideration when Justices of the US Supreme Court are being selected. What I am talking about is whether they see themselves as Judicial Activists, Judicial Self-Restraintists, or perhaps Judicial Restorationists. What I will be looking for is a good grasp of what this all means and how court cases have been affected by them . A good essay will utilize the court cases. Finally, you will be asked your opinion on which position you favor and why. Supreme Court justices are appointed for life and, as saw in the case of Marbury v. Madison, Presidents want to place individuals on the courts especially the US Supreme Court who think like them. So, ideology plays a role but how the justice’s view how the law should be applied is also a major consideration. There are three types of thinking, Judicial Activism, Judicial Self-Restraint, and Judicial Restoration. Some justices believe in Judicial self restrains. They believe that the policy shouldn’t been make in the
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3rd essay - 3rd essay explaining what the different...

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