Study Guide for exam #3

Study Guide for exam #3 - Executive Privilege To resist...

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Unformatted text preview: Executive Privilege To resist search warrant and other investigation by legislative and judicial branch – separation of power State of the Union Exp of separation of power At 1 st – reports on how things are going Then – H. Truman – agenda setting session 22 nd Amendment Limited P to 2 four years terms 25 th Amendment Presidential Disabilities - VP War Powers Act resolution of Congress - President can send troops abroad only by authorization of Congress or if American troops are already under attack or serious threat. – Unconstitutional – separation of power Treaty P negotiates – senate ratifies treaties – Treaty of Versailles • Executive Agreement Lend lease agreement - Britain – 50 US destroyers – in return of rent some military of bases - no need senate O.M.B. P – thru Office management & budget – make the official version of budget Presidential Personalities: Herbert Hoover Quaker – self help – self made millionaire – great depression – light at the end of the tunnel Franklin D. Roosevelt “Noblesse Oblige” – give something backs - Harry S. Truman High school graduate – workaholic – atom bomb Then D. Eisenhower John Kennedy Democrat – idealistic Camelot - Great Society/perfect society...
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Study Guide for exam #3 - Executive Privilege To resist...

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