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Astro 890 L9: So you wanna be a Mechanical Engineer? Tom OBrien, May 21, 2008 Mechanical engineering is required in the construction of Astronomical Instruments in several important areas: General configuration and layout of the instrument Interface of the instrument to the telescope Design of the instrument structure Support for the lenses, mirrors and other optics Design of the instrument and detector thermal environment Design of the mechanisms and gadgets in the instrument Design of the instrument enclosure Documentation of the design, analysis, assembly & service procedures, shipping methods, installation and handling, Guiding Principles in Design Analyze before you build. Avoid designs dominated by unpredictable things like friction. Use Modular Design whenever possible. This separates a very complex instrument into independent work packages which can be designed and analyzed separately. Requires systems engineering to insure requirements are met, control interfaces, etc. Build & test early prototypes of high risk elements Order optics early
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Telescope Interface Where is the telescope focal plane? How big is the field of biew and is it field flat? The instrument must fit on the telescope. Are the mounting features available at telescope adequate? What utilities are available for the instrument? Mounting/dismounting instrument to telescope. Is the documentation of the telescope accurate? Structural Design The primary objective of the instrument structure is to maintain the image position on the detector within a small fraction of a pixel in a variable gravity and thermal environment. High stiffness and thermal stability with low weight and cost are the traditional guiding
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Astro890L9 - Astro 890 L9: So you wanna be a Mechanical...

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