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Chevron Refinery Pretrip Report (Due 10/20) You are to write a 1-2 page single spaced paper (appropriately referenced) that explains what is a refinery. This paper should at least describe the following refinery units: Crude Distillation Coker Hydrogen Plant Naphtha, Diesel Gas Oil Hydrocracking Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Gas Oil Hydrotreater Isomerization Alkylation Sulfur Recovery It is recommended that you refer to the ChE131/141L WebSite & the course supplement & the URLs that are provided for the Chevron Refinery. You should also use the Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology and the library databases. Chevron Trip Report (Due 10/27)
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Unformatted text preview: Write a 2-4 page trip report based on the information you obtained during your trip to the Chevron Refinery. Include a clearer explanation of the units (including size) that you described in your pretrip report. Also obtain answers to the following questions: 1)What are some of the environmental challenges at the Chevron refinery & how are they being met? 2)What are some of the continuing technical challenges for chemical engineers at the Chevron refinery? 2)What changes are anticipated to be made at the refinery during the next 5-10 years? 3)What are the responsibilities of chemical engineers at the Chevron Refinery?...
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