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Bryan (Daejin) Kim 10/4/06 Eng104-04 In Cal Poly Pomona’s dormitory, there have been an increasing number of complaints about the bathrooms. As a resident in these dorms, I have personally encountered a several uncomfortable experiences. The restroom first lacks regular maintenance and structural friendliness. There is only one soap dispenser for seven sinks and one paper towel dispenser for the entire restroom. There are always mysterious green residues on the sinks and the paper towel dispenser is empty at least twice a day. The structure of the bathroom clearly loses one’s
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Unformatted text preview: expectation of a moderate bathroom in that some toilet seats have missing doors. Even some showers are missing curtains. There is only one bench on which the residents can put clean cloths and towels. Several students, who also experience discomfort in the restrooms, in the Montecito Hall will be interviewed. With many who also comply with this sense of discomfort, there will be a complaint form issued toward University Housing Service (UHS) of Cal Poly Pomona...
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