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Dr. Robert Zellmer Chemistry 101 TR 8:00- 9:18 AM 280B CE F 292-2149 Summer Quarter 2008 1000 McPherson Lab e J [email protected] Schedule of Assignments Home Page - http://www.chemistry.ohio-state.edu/~rzellmer Carmen Website: https://carmen.osu.edu Textbook: “Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry", (FOURTH EDITION), by Robert J. Ouellette Lab Manual: "Experiments in General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry", (FOURTH EDITION), by Robert J. Ouellette and Jason H. Manchester Study Guide: "Study Guide and Solutions Manual", (FOURTH EDITION), by Mary H. Bailey (text supplement) Calculator: For quizzes and examinations, the use of calculators is restricted to ANY TI-30 (except TI-30XS MultiView); Sharp EL-509; Sharp EL-531; OR Casio FX-250. NO OTHER CALCULATORS ARE PERMITTED . Prerequisite: Eligibility to enroll in Math 116. Week of Lecture Topic Chapter Quiz Laboratory WM June 16 Chemistry, Matter, Measurements 1, 2 graphing CKIN,1AB, SFU** June 23 Measurements, Atomic Structure 2, 3 1 2 June 30* Periodic Table, Ionic Bonds and Naming 3, 4 2 3 July 7 Covalent Bonds, Molecular Geometry 5 3 23 July 14 Chemical Equations and Reactions 6 --- 7 FIRST MIDTERM EXAMINATION - Wednesday, July 16 th , 6:30 PM - 7:48 PM July 21 Composition & Stoichiometry, Gases 7, 8 4 8 July 28 Liquids, Solutions 8 5 21 August 4 Reaction Rates, Equilibrium 9, 10 --- 16 SECOND MIDTERM EXAMINATION - Wednesday, August 6 th , 6:30 PM - 7:48 PM August 11 Acids and Bases 11 6 18 August 18 Quarter ends Aug 19 - No lectures, lab only x No class 20, FCO FINAL EXAMINATION - Thursday, August 21 st , 9:30 AM - 11: 18 AM in MP 1000 * Friday, July 4 is a University holiday. No classes are held. University offices are closed. ** CKIN = Check-in. SFU = Significant Figures & Units (pg 33). FCO = Finish, Check-Out. Lab Reports for Expt 1, 2, 3, 23 and 7 are due no later than Friday, Aug. 1. (See reverse for more info about due dates.) All Lab Reports are due no later than 4:00 PM, Monday, Aug. 18. (See reverse side for info about weekly due dates.) MEDICAL INSURANCE COVERAGE : Due to the potentially dangerous nature of laboratory work, you are reminded to maintain medical insurance coverage through OSU health service or a private agency when enrolling in chemistry laboratory courses. ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT : Any material submitted in General Chemistry must represent your own work. Apparent violations of this standard will be referred to the University Committee of Academic Misconduct (COAM) as required by Faculty Rules. Please read the attached statement on Standards of Academic Conduct carefully . STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY : Each student receives this information about Chemistry 101 in the first lecture section. It is your responsibility to read this material and be familiar with course content, course procedures, and grading. You are also responsible for any announcements concerning course procedures which are made in class, whether you are present or not! (If you are absent, you are expected to get notes, announcements, etc. from another student in the class.) IF YOU FAIL TO ATTEND THE FIRST LAB SESSION - CHECK IN AT 100 CE WITHOUT DELAY
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GRADING : Your performance in the course will be evaluated on the basis of total points earned.
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101su08syl_zellmer - Dr. Robert Zellmer 280B CE F 292-2149...

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