Essay #1_proposal_final draft

Essay #1_proposal_final draft - Bryan (Daejin) Kim 10/11/06...

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Bryan (Daejin) Kim 10/11/06 Eng104 Section 04 1 Proposal for Cal Poly Pomona Dormitory’s Restrooms Recent news shows that high class hotels in Las Vegas are rebuilding their restroom facilities in order to better their reputation as prestigious hotels. This shows that the quality of the restrooms is one of the main qualities in making a building or facility more comfortable, convenient, and ultimately better. As any senior that is graduating high school, expecting to dorm in college, I was filled with high hopes of getting away from home, a dorm life, only to find this excitement soon broken as I spent my first day in my dorm. Due to the poor quality of the bathrooms, many residents in Cal Poly Pomona are very dissatisfied. Not many sophomores, who spent their first year in dorms, come back the second year to the dorm life. In fact, majority of the people that come back are the floor leaders. As a resident in these dorms, I have personally encountered a several uncomfortable experiences, only in the first three weeks. The restroom first lacks regular maintenance and structural friendliness. There is only one soap dispenser for six sinks and one paper towel dispenser for the entire restroom. The paper towel dispenser is empty at least twice a day. One must always walk to the first sink to get soap, then come back to her sink and rinse off the soap. When she is done washing her hands, there is usually a long line for the paper towel dispenser, which happens to be automatic. The dispenser never gives out enough paper to dry off the entire hand, thus making the user wait another 10 seconds before she can wave her hand
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This note was uploaded on 03/10/2008 for the course ENG 104 taught by Professor Cortina during the Fall '08 term at Cal Poly Pomona.

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Essay #1_proposal_final draft - Bryan (Daejin) Kim 10/11/06...

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