Reading Map 1 - Daejin(Bryan Kim ENG105 Reading...

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Daejin (Bryan) Kim 4/5/07 ENG105 Reading Map #1 “” Part One: PERSONA The author is writing as himself. He does not create an alter ego or a persona. He writes about his animosity without relating himself to anyone else. He does not show much authority with his argument because he is going against the entire world’s trend of using technology. His perspective on new technology, especially computers is very unique, as most people find themselves comfortable with the help of modern technology. Although most people find the efficiency through the use of computers very valuable, the author, David Sedaris hates the change from the old. Perhaps it is safe to say that he is too conservative for hating newer technology. Although through out the entire essay, Sedaris sounds as if he is confident about his writing and his background knowledge of computers, at the end of the essay, this very point is disproved by himself. When he talks about his sister Amy showing him a video clip of a woman kicking a naked old man’s testicles over and over, he clearly shows his insufficient knowledge of the computer. “I’d never realized that a computer could act so much like a TV set. No one had ever told me that the picture could be so clear, that the cries of pain could be heard so distinctly.” (796 Sedaris). But even without reading to the end, it is not difficult to guess that he obviously does not have full knowledge because he claims that he stays away from technology due to his lack of office skills. It sounds as if he only knows the seemingly disturbing outcome of the
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Reading Map 1 - Daejin(Bryan Kim ENG105 Reading...

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