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Essay #2_Place_Final Draft

Essay #2_Place_Final Draft - Bryan Kim ENG 104-04 1 Final...

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Bryan Kim 10/25/06 ENG 104-04 1 Final Draft Laguna Beach, as the city name suggests, is filled with beaches. Located right next to Newport Beach, it is one of the nicest beaches in Southern California. Over the years, the popularity of the beach has tremendously increased, resulting in many tourists and residents to fill up the beach daily. Perhaps the fame of especially Laguna Beach can be due to the television show, “Laguna Beach.” This show is one of the most popular shows among teenagers and high school students because it shows a life of rich students that live in Laguna Beach, and the everyday drama that is created. Due to the increasing popularity and more visitors, the beach is like never before. Although not as bad as some beaches, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach are also starting to get trashed. It is common to find floating waste products, such as cans, bottles, or even paper bags being pushed and pulled back by the waves. Even the sand is sometimes hard to walk on without flip-flops. Teenagers, known for their prime desire for violence and immature acts, tend to break glass bottles at the beach, leaving glass particles everywhere on the sand. For instance, there is a popular beach in Newport, called Corona Del Mar. Although the fire pits and shallow water attracts many families to have a bonfire with kids, it is nevertheless not a peaceful, calm setting, as the pictures of beaches portray. However, in Laguna Beach, my group of friends and I came across our haven from the seemingly dirty beaches.
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Bryan Kim 10/25/06 ENG 104-04 2
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