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Bryan (Daejin) Kim ENG105 ATM machines, I’m sure, were built with the best intent to let people access cash instantly and easily. It is easy money. Whether one has a credit card or a debit card, ATM machines allows her to take out cash in increments of $20. It comes in especially handy when a store does not accept cards. I just have to drive up to the nearest bank, and with a few push of buttons, cash will be in my hands. Over the last few years, ATM machines have spread throughout the nation such that it is almost impossible to miss one every couple blocks. With their popularity, or I must say, infamous necessity, I figured someone has to write about the consequent misery of using them. My favorite part about taking out money in an ATM machine is looking for your own bank. If one were to have an account at Bank of America, he must find a Bank of America to take out his money. Of course, he can choose an alternative bank, which may be the closest to his current location, and pay a “fee.” He inserts his card through the slit with blinking lights, and it asks, “English or Espanol?” After the push of few buttons, it finally asks how much withdrawal is desired. Most people, at least teenagers and college students with not abundant money supply take out $20. The screen will then light up as if it is happy to announce the next sentence. “A
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ATM Machines - Bryan(Daejin Kim ENG105 ATM Machines...

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