Blood Wedding - Bryan (Daejin) Kim DAN202 2/13/07 Blood...

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Bryan (Daejin) Kim DAN202 2/13/07 Blood Wedding In the play by Garcia Lorca, Blood Wedding, he portrays a scene of unique wedding. Choreographed by Antonio Gades, the dance that is shown in this play is flamenco dance style. Flamenco dance emphasis on footwork and arms to express the main ideas. The play incorporates song, chant, poetry, music, and rhythm. Its action and sets are highly symbolic and stylized. It is common to see masculine performers act as if they’re writing a horse, while feminine style is noticed by the skirts they wear. Although the play consisted of many performers, every here and there were solo dances that express the thoughts and mood of the performer. In the first scene, the mother of the bride and the bridegroom are dancing. Through intricate motions of her arms and footwork, she unfolds the cloth wrapped around the bridegroom’s waist, and then rewraps it around him. In the second scene, there is more expression of feelings. Leonardo is introduced and his wife expresses her intense feeling of
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Blood Wedding - Bryan (Daejin) Kim DAN202 2/13/07 Blood...

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