Fairy tale - Daejin (Bryan) Kim 2/01/07 Fairy tale ACT I In...

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Daejin (Bryan) Kim 2/01/07 Fairy tale ACT I In the empire of Eurasia lived a knight named Joseph Park. He was recognized by the king and the public to be simply the best at defending the royal family. He has saved the baby prince and the queen from being kidnapped and murdered. However, due to his increasing fame, some people were getting jealous for the lack of attention unto themselves. Rossi You, one of the most jealous knights of this kingdom, plotted against Joseph. After months of planning, Rossi was able to convince the entire kingdom that Joseph has betrayed the king and is about to murder the king and take his throne. However, the king was unwise and could not raise his voice against this conspiracy. Unwillingly, he agreed to follow Rossi’s idea and arrest him. Not knowing this, Joseph came back from a battle and visited the king. His royal guards immediately arrested him and without even a trial, Joseph was exiled to a far country. With his successful plot, Rossi became the king’s most trusted man in the entire kingdom and gained much power. However, the king gave Joseph his most prized possession, a family treasure that has been passed down for centuries, his golden ring, guaranteeing that any descendant of Joseph who possesses this ring will once again live the same life as Joseph. 200 years after Joseph was exiled, the kingdom became a chaos. People started
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Fairy tale - Daejin (Bryan) Kim 2/01/07 Fairy tale ACT I In...

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