lab 5 uniform circular motion

lab 5 uniform circular motion - Bryan (Daejin) Kim 2/14/07...

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Bryan (Daejin) Kim 2/14/07 1 PHY131L – DYNAMICS OF UNIFORM CIRCULAR MOTION Objective To be able to calculate the centripetal acceleration of a spinning apparatus Equipments - uniform circular motion apparatus - 1-kg weights - Dial caliper - Stopwatch - Slotted weight set - Weight hanger Procedure At first, we prepared the uniform circular motion apparatus. By tilting this sideways, we were able to weigh weights on it to measure the force required to stretch the spring to the end of the apparatus. We put weights on it until the body of mass barely touched the rocker, so that the rocker pointed exactly in the middle of the index (axis of rotation). Then, we took off the weights and tilted the apparatus back to vertical. By turning on the engine, the apparatus started to spin. As we increased the rpm, the body of mass began to stretch the spring and extend outward the circular motion. We found the exact point where the body touched the rocker the same way it did when we were weighing on it. At this point, my partner started the stop watch, and at the same moment he pressed reset to measure the total revolution. As he stopped the stopwatch around one minute, we froze the apparatus screen to find out exactly how many revolutions it has made. We started over and re-did this three times, to find the average revolutions. After these first three trials, we changed the tension
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lab 5 uniform circular motion - Bryan (Daejin) Kim 2/14/07...

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