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Recitation Activity 8 (Chapter 9) 1. VESPR model For each compound below draw the Lewis Structure and fill in the blanks #Bonded Pairs #Lone Pairs E- domain Shape Molecular Shape Polar/nonpolar H 2 S 4 2 tetrahedral bent polar SeO 3 2- 3 1 tetrahedral trigonal polar pyramidal IF 4 + 4 1 trigonal seesaw polar bipyramidal SF 6 6 6 octahedral octahedral nonpolar 2. Valence Bond model and Hybridization For each compound below: a. Draw the Lewis Structure (including resonance forms if appropriate) b. Determine the number and label the sigma and pi bonds . c. For each atom with more than one neighbor Determine the hybridization Give the approximate bond angles Determine the hybridization at each central atom
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CO 3 2- There are three resonance structures: each of which contains three single bonds and one pi bond. Because the central atom (carbon) forms three sigma bonds the hybridization at that carbon is sp 2 , and the 3 rd p-orbital on carbon is used to make the delocalized pi bond. The geometry of the carbonate ion is trigonal planar, with O-C-O bond angles equal to exactly 120 o . Acrylonitrile:
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Rec8a_f04 - Recitation Activity 8 (Chapter 9) 1. VESPR...

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