report 8 - Bryan (Daejin) Kim PHY131L 3/7/07 PHYSICS LAB...

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Bryan (Daejin) Kim PHY131L 3/7/07 PHYSICS LAB REPORT – Rotational Dynamics Equipments - computer - laser-gate assembly - rotational motion apparatus - clamp - slotted weight set - small weight set - dial caliper - caliper jaws - plastic weight holder - small weight hanger Procedure First, we tested the computer to see that the laser-gate assembly works correctly with the computer. We then set up the apparatus and made basic measurements: mass of the cup. We tied the string to the pin in the biggest disk, and then rotated the disk until the string of the weight holder wrapped around the second biggest disk. We added enough amount of weight on the weight holder to make the disk rotate very slowly. After setting the number of data points on the computer, we recorded the rotational velocity of the disk. When we graphed rotational velocity vs. time, the slope turned out to be the rotational acceleration. Afterwards, we increased the weight on the holder significantly so that rotational acceleration increases by at least a factor of three. We took the same data and graphed, to find the slope, which is acceleration. After taking the data for these two extreme cases of acceleration, we measured five more rotational accelerations that are in between the two extremes. We actually took one more data point, where Torque created by
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This note was uploaded on 03/10/2008 for the course PHY 131L taught by Professor Vandervoort during the Winter '07 term at Cal Poly Pomona.

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report 8 - Bryan (Daejin) Kim PHY131L 3/7/07 PHYSICS LAB...

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