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640 Class 4 Outline - Class 4 Outline Business Finance 640...

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Class 4 Outline Business Finance 640 - Insurance and Risk Winter 2008 1 In this class, we make the transition to Life Insurance. We begin by examining the meaning of premature death, and the economic consequences and costs of premature death. The central premise is that life insurance is economically justified, if a person earns an income, and others are financially dependent on that income, for at least part of that support. We will review three approaches for estimating the amount of life insurance to own. The two basic methods of paying premiums will be examined—yearly renewable term method and level- premium method. From this, we move into a more detailed review of the types of life insurance. The major term insurance and ordinary life insurance products are compared and important variations of Whole Life are reviewed. These include variable life, universal life and variable universal life contracts. While reviewing these variations, we will take a more detailed look at universal life. We will review the major characteristics of the universal life product and spend some time understanding its limitations. A continuing theme will be the trade-off between the savings goal and protection element of life insurance. We will see how this trade-off is manifested in the design of the various life insurance products that we review. I. Premature Death A) Meaning of Premature Death B) Costs of Premature Death C) Chances of Dying Prematurely D) Economic Justification of Life Insurance II. Financial Impact of Premature Death on Different Types of Families
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640 Class 4 Outline - Class 4 Outline Business Finance 640...

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