Essay #3_FOX News_final draft

Essay #3_FOX News_final draft - Bryan Kim ENG 104-04 FOX...

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Bryan Kim 11/15/06 ENG 104-04 FOX News In any country, media holds great power. It has the power to change the public’s perspective on any kind of leading force. It can provide information that the public may find horrifying, or it could provide a counterexample to an already disliked group. Whether the news provides good news or bad news, news is supposed to be informative, unbiased, and uncontrolled by any kind of power. A corrupt media system is perfectly portrayed by the old Korean government, before the government became democratic. Any politician that has the slightest power to influence a newspaper company’s income was somehow connected to an editor or a top official in that company. The politician in power would make the call in which information is to be shared to the public or which information to be concealed. This kind of news provides no demonstration of what real news is supposed to be. Over the years, America seems to have been devoid of “corrupt media system.” As the country’s one of the main theme is to provide freedom of press, the news has not been too affected by the government. However, America’s news does not seem completely perfect either. Although not corrupt, some leading media forces seem to fail in providing informative news. One of the major broadcasting
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Essay #3_FOX News_final draft - Bryan Kim ENG 104-04 FOX...

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