Absurd Proposal-final draft

Absurd Proposal-final draft - Daejin (Bryan) Kim May 8,...

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Daejin (Bryan) Kim May 8, 2007 Hodson A Modest Proposal Note: assume that you are living in the cold war. This is a proposal for those who are involved in politics, for those people who sit there in the office, built by the government, staring at the screen of their computers, controlling the tension of the world with their fingers. Everyone was glad to hear the announcement of the end of World War II and the resulting happenings. The “superpower” countries, Russia and United States, are now obsessed over who can make better weaponry before other superpower countries. Although the war is over, because of the power these countries got from the WWII, they plan to exercise it through making the whole world vulnerable to obliteration. It is a bliss that those Japanese bastards at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were blown up into dust from the atomic bombs. Surely United States best knows the consequences of using those bombs ever again, because they’re the ones that blew up Japan! This must be exactly the reason that Soviet Union and United States do not cease to keep investing money on the development of stronger weaponry. Albert Einstein is probably my biggest hero in the contemporary pool of ingenious people. Not only did he magically come up with the E=mc 2 equation, he also was the biggest brain in the Manhattan Project. I sincerely thank Einstein for taking part in revenging my family that lives in Hawaii. But, that is only personal affairs. He avenged many Americans who have relatives in Pearl Harbor. Because of his brilliant brain, the World War II was able to end ever so quickly.
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Absurd Proposal-final draft - Daejin (Bryan) Kim May 8,...

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