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Name________________________________________________ Recitation-TA__________________________ Group Member Names__________________________________________________________________________ 1 Recitation: Chapter 11 Chemistry 122 Recitation Directions 1. First 15 minutes a. Spend 5 minutes working this problem out - on your own b. Assemble in groups of 3 or 4; compare and agree as a group on the final answer(s) c. One group member will present on the board their group’s results (TA to assign group/member; if no group has the correct answer(s), the TA will present) 2. ~ 15 minutes a. TA will answer homework, lecture, or lab questions as time permits
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Last 15 minutes of class a. Quiz to be taken in-class (only approved calculators to be used; no use of book or notes allowed) 1. Recall that enthalpy is heat at constant pressure as defined in earlier chapters of your book. With that in mind, and using the figure below, calculate the enthalpy change upon converting 20.00 grams of ice at -25.00 degrees C to steam at 100.00 degrees C. The pressure outside is 1.000 atm. Specific heat (SH) ice = 2.09 J/gK SH liquid = 4.18 J/gK SH gas = 1.84 J/gK ∆ H fus = 6.01 kJ/mol ∆ H vaporization = 40.67 kJ/mol ∆ H(total)= 61.28 kJ...
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