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In a short essay, compare the two populations using your pyramids. In doing so: 1. Point out any particular “generations” that stand out in the populations (e.g., baby boom, baby boom echo, depression generation). If you think that any of these features could be related to certain historical events (such as wars) or specific diseases (e.g., HIV/AIDS), discuss these ideas. baby boom slightly in Australia aids/hiv in ethiopia 2. Indicate whether the populations are growing older or younger.
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Unformatted text preview: Australia growing older Ethiopia growing younger 3. Which country is growing faster? (you can look up the growth rates in the PRB World Population Datasheet). Discuss how differences in the growth rates could related to the age structure of the populations. Ethiopia 4. Describe any particular problems that could occur as a result of each population’s age structure (now or in the future). Ethiopia...
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