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122 midterm exam1A wi06

122 midterm exam1A wi06 - Midterm I Exam January 30th 2006...

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Midterm I Exam; January 30th, 2006 Chemistry 122; Prof. Allen Name___________________________________ 28 questions (each question is worth 6.25 points) MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) A sample of N 2 gas is contaminated with a gas (A) of unknown molecular weight. The partial pressure of each gas is known to be 200 torr at 25 o C. The gases are allowed to effuse through a pinhole, and it is found that gas A escapes at a rate one third that of N 2 . What is the molecular weight of gas A? (Atomic weight: N = 14.01). A) 9.33 B) 252 C) 84 D) 28 E) 3.11 2) A gas at a pressure of 325 torr exerts a force of __________ N on an area of 5.5 m 2 . 3) In a Torricelli barometer, a pressure of one atmosphere supports a 760 mm column of mercury. If the original tube containing the mercury is replaced with a tube having twice the diameter of the original, what will the height of the mercury column be at one atmosphere pressure? A) 380 mm B) 4.78 x 10 3 mm C) 1.52 x 10 3 mm D) 760 mm E) 121 mm 4) Of the following, __________ is a correct statement of Boyle's law. 5) A sample of a gas (1.50 mol) is contained in a 15.0 L cylinder. The temperature is increased from 100 e C to 150 e C. The ratio of final pressure to initial pressure [ P 2 P 1 ] is __________.
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