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KEY Name________________________________________________ Recitation-TA__________________________ R= 8.314 m 3 Pa /mol K = 0.08206 L atm/mol K 1 Chapter 10 Chemistry 122 (Allen) Quiz #1 - Week 2 1. After the Rose Bowl, another experimental result was reported in which a very small (5.20 kg) purple alien was made to run at different speeds on a miniature treadmill while its nitrogen consumption was measured. In one hour, the purple alien running at 0.5 m/s consumed a total of 120.50 mL of nitrogen gas at 20.00 ° C. The partial pressure of the nitrogen gas was 0.79 atm. How many moles of nitrogen gas were consumed by this 5.20 kg purple alien? 5 POINTS FOR question 1 (some partial credit) Final Answer (2 sig figs) n = 4.0 x 10 -3 moles N 2 (3 sig figs = 3.96 x 10 -3 moles) Notes; Students should understand significant figures (recall: prerequisite 121 or equivalent); 2. give partial credit: Students
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