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122_recwk2wi06 key

122_recwk2wi06 key - Tempe Arizona were made to walk at...

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KEY Name________________________________________________ Recitation-TA__________________________ R= 8.314 m 3 Pa /mol K = 0.08206 L atm/mol K 1 Chapter 10 Chemistry 122 (Allen) Recitation - Week 2 Recitation Directions 1. First 15 minutes a. Spend 5 minutes working this problem out - on your own b. Assemble in groups of 3 or 4; compare and agree as a group on the final answer(s) c. One group member will present on the board their group’s results (TA to assign group/member; if no group has the correct answer(s), the TA will present) 2. ~ 15 minutes a. TA will answer homework, lecture, or lab questions as time permits 3. Last 13 minutes of class a. Quiz to be taken in-class (only approved calculators to be used; no use of book or notes allowed) 1. Directly after the Fiesta Bowl, an experimental result was reported in which green aliens from
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Unformatted text preview: Tempe, Arizona were made to walk at different speeds on a treadmill while their air consumption was measured. In one hour, the average alien walking at 0.20 km/hr consumed 10 Liters of Air (21 mole% O 2 content) per kg of alien weight at 1 atm pressure and 24 ° C. How many molecules of O 2 was consumed in 1 hour by this 55.6 kg alien? Answer: 10 L air x 0.21 O 2 = 2.1 L O 2 , now you need to convert to molecules of O 2 by first converting to moles. Use PV=nRT n=PV/RT; [(1 atm)(2.1LO2)]/[(0.08206 Latm/mol K)(24 +273 K)]=0.086165 moles O 2 PER kg 0.086165 moles X 6.022 x 10 23 molecules/mol = 5.18886 x10 22 molecules O 2 PER kg Now multiply by 55.6kg = 2.9 x 10 24 molecules O 2 that the green alien consumed in 1 hour...
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