PHY131L LAB-4 - Bryan (Daejin) Kim 2/7/07 PHY131L LAB...

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Bryan (Daejin) Kim 2/7/07 PHY131L LAB REPORT – Atwood machine Objectives 1. Using accurate computerized data, to find the acceleration of the objects hanging on the Atwood machine Equipment Computer Laser pointer-diode detector assembly Atwood pulley Clamp Lab stand Two small weight holders Two slotted weight sets Three 2g weights One 1 g weight Procedure First, I measured the weight of two cups that are going to hang on the Atwood machine. Afterwards, I tied the two cups with a string and put it on the pulley, and added 50g on each cup. Due to the difference in weights of the cups, the two cups slowly started moving, one going up, and the other going down. Using the computer and the laser pointer-diode detector, I measured the velocity of the pulley’s turn at 10 points, and found a slope, which was the acceleration. From here on, I took 8 more data, changing the mass on each cup, while keeping the total mass constant. By moving mass from one cup and putting it on the other, I kept the total mass the same, but changed the difference in mass. Each time
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PHY131L LAB-4 - Bryan (Daejin) Kim 2/7/07 PHY131L LAB...

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