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Essay #4_Tech_Trend_Final Draft - Final Draft Trend As the...

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Final Draft – Trend As the modern world continues to evolve, the infatuation over newer technology grows even more. Whether this technology involves necessity or accessories, it has become quite the trend to buy newer products, even if the difference in features is not much. This phenomenon has been big enough for some experts to do some studies on it. Some think that this is a result of human nature’s prideful and unending want and desire for everything in the world. One of the biggest trends involves mp3 players. When the mp3 players first came out, people were obsessed over the design and capacity of the device, only to be completely knocked off the market by the monopoly play of Apple Incorporation. The iPod’s from Apple wiped off the mp3 player market as if it did not even exist. The public’s obsession over iPod was definitely not something to overlook. However, this infatuation was reasonable. The iPod had features other devices did not offer: storage capacity, easy synchronization with computer, games, and slick design. It was when the second and third generation of iPod hit the market that something totally unexpected happened. The only
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differences between the generations were slightly slimmer player, different scroll buttons, and slight change in storage. However, the public started purchasing these newer generation iPods even though they already owned a previous generation device. Perhaps one may argue that those features are worth the change. But most likely, this phenomenon can only be explained by the human
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Essay #4_Tech_Trend_Final Draft - Final Draft Trend As the...

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