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211_QUIZ1_Su05 key

211_QUIZ1_Su05 key - Chemistry 211 Quiz worth 20 points...

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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 211: Quiz worth 20 points total KEY - Quiz 1 (Take Home); June 29 th , 2005 Due July 1 st , 2005, before 8:30am (BEFORE class) A few notes: You must list the steps that you went through to solve each problem. (be sure to conduct all necessary statistical analyses and show this work.) You must show all of your work (it must be clearly marked, i.e. if I cannot figure it out, zero points will be given). Always report your final answer with the correct number of significant figures and with the appropriate units. Circle your final answers, and PLEASE be organized. 1. Two researchers independently measured the chloroform concentration in a water sample obtained from the Olentangy River using gas chromatography coupled to a mass spectrometer for detection. Researcher #2 modified his instrument slightly by installing a temperature regulator on the detection system. The results for 9 replicate measurements are listed below for each researcher....
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