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Agriculture - government and they will grow their family...

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Daejin Kim 006860165 Agriculture / Economy To meet the necessity of life, food is probably the most important. Food provides the body energy to function and to live on. Food can be gathered by hunting, growing crops and gathering. Most likely, hunting will provide meat, a good source of protein. Farming will provide people with carbohydrates, and gathering, various nutrients such as vitamins from the fruits and vegetables. Of all three, farming is one area that must be regulated and controlled. Because farming takes skill and technique to grow things out properly and effectively, the government needs to educate on how to grow properly. Out of the 2500 population, a certain group will be selected to start their family by farming. This group of people will be distributed equal amounts of land from the
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Unformatted text preview: government, and they will grow their family with this land. At first, only a male and female will be assigned to that amount of land, but as their family grows larger, the kids can also be considered as potential work force. Hunters and gatherers can also start their homes specifically near the mountains. It will be much more convenient for them to live near their work. Also, just like in the primitive societies, food can be used as the prime currency for trading. Of course, workers who do not grow food can use their product as a resource of trade. Because there are only 2500 people, creating currency like money (bills and coins) is almost impossible. This is a primitive society; therefore, trading is a much more effective way of controlling economy....
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