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Chem221Syllabus2008 - 20 9 Atomic and Mass Spectroscopy...

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QUANTITATIVE CHEMICAL ANALYSIS (revised - March 28, 2008) Chemistry 221 MWF, 8:30 AM, 1015 McPherson Laboratory Spring Quarter 2008 Instructor: Philip Grandinetti Office: 0044B McPherson Lab Phone: (614) 292-6818 Contact: www.grandinetti.org/Contact Office Hours: Wednesday, Friday 9:30-10:30 AM Web Page: http://www.grandinetti.org/Teaching/Chem221 Required Text: “Quantitative Chemical Analysis”, Seventh Edition, Daniel C. Harris Teaching Assistants: Adedunni Adeyemo, [email protected] Dandan Liu, [email protected] Kaarina Lokko, [email protected] Julia Rabe, [email protected] Grading: Laboratory 40% Mid-term Exam 30% Final Exam 30% Syllabus: Week Lecture Topic(s) Chapter(s) 1 Review of Fundamentals, Experimental Errors 1 2 Statistics 3-5 3 Chemical Equilibrium, Activity 6,8,9 4 Acid-Base Equilibria, Acid-Base Titrations 10-12 5 Electrochemistry 14,15 Midterm Exam - May. 1st, Thursday, 6:00-8:00 pm - Room: TBA 6 Redox Titrations 16 7 Spectrophotometry 18,19 8 Instrumental Aspects of Spectrophotometry
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Unformatted text preview: 20 9 Atomic and Mass Spectroscopy, 21,22 10 Analytical Separations, Chromotagraphic Methods 23-25 Final Exam- Monday, June 2, 7:30-9:18 am - Room 1015 McPherson To have an exam question re-graded, turn in a written description of your concern no later than one class period after the exam was returned to you. Each exam in question will be re-graded in its entirety. All students with documented disabilities, who need accommodations, should see the instructor privately to schedule an appointment as early in the quarter as possible. If your disability requires materials in alternative format, please contact the Office for Disability Services at 292-3307, Room 150 Pomerene Hall. Copyright 2008 Philip J. Grandinetti as to this syllabus and all lectures. Students are prohibited from selling (or being paid for taking) notes during this course to or by any person or commercial firm without the express written permission of Philip J. Grandinetti...
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