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Chemistry 520 Winter Quarter 2008 Take Home Quiz 3 This quiz is due no later than 4 pm on Friday, Feb. 18, 2008 in room 0048 McPherson lab. Write down first the mathematical equation with symbols and leave the numerical substitution at the end. Submit your answers on single sided paper. 1. Calculate the probability of a spontaneous compression of 1.00 mole of gas by 0.01% – that is, the probability that all the molecules will be found in a volume V 0 = 0 . 9999 V at a certain time. 2. Show that the net work in one Carnot cycle is w net = - nR ( T h - T c )ln V 2 V 1 3. Suppose a heat engine absorbs 10.0 kJ of heat from a high-temperature source at T h = 450K and discards heat to a low-temperature reservoir at T c = 350K. Calculate the thermodynamic efficiency ± of conversion of heat to work; the amount of work performed, - w net ; and the amount of heat discharged at T c , q 34 . 4. Calculate the entropy change when 3.00 moles of benzene vaporizes reversibly at its normal boiling point of 80
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