Nanotechnology Research Paper Outline

Nanotechnology Research Paper Outline - Nanotechnology...

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Nanotechnology Research Paper Outline I. Title: II. Goal A. To present to the readers a basic understanding of nanotechnology, its purposes, potentials, and its uses B. To elaborate on chemical engineers’ involvement in nanotechnology III. Summary of Research Strategy A. Consult professors in the field B. Databases: articles, journals, and news C. Books and Encyclopedia IV. Background of Nanotechnology and Define Terms A. Basic Idea behind nanotechnology: Although it is very difficult to specifically name “the pioneer” in any science fields in the modern world, Eric Drexler can be called the father of Nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is a whole new concept of chemical engineering in that the scientist is able to maneuver each specific atom to be attached to a particular location in the molecule. Some may even say that all the science that has been researched so far is only a footstep toward the nanotechnology’s completion. In essence, the dendrimer can be considered the core of nanotechnology. Dendrimers
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Nanotechnology Research Paper Outline - Nanotechnology...

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