587 08 wk10a afm std

587 08 wk10a afm std - AFM The atomic force microscope(AFM...

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1 AFM AFM Many slides provided by the School of Earth Sciences, Steven Lower Group And Pacific Nanotechnology • The atomic force microscope ( AFM ) was developed in the mid 1980's AFM uses a sharp probe to magnify surface features • images an object's surface topography • uses extremely high magnifications, up to 1,000,000 X • the magnification is in three dimensions •AFM modes • Contact • Most common • Noncontact • Tapping Optical microscope (less common) AFM probe Computer-controlled Feedback Piezo-electric Scanner Sample laser Glass Slide Photodiode detector Piezo Control Voltage AFM cantilever constant deflection mode yields topographic information : Atomic Force Microscopy Atomic Force Microscopy
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2 • Images are limited by the probe tip 860nm Carbon Nanotube DNA 4 x 4 micron Cr on glass 78 x 78 micron Breast Cancer Tissue Ideal Probe tip - symmetrical, sharp tip - tip less than 20 nm http://www.pacificnano.com/6_Gallery_G_1.html Nature of force depends on the tip/probe - etched silicon - silicon nitride -- -- Images and Noise http://www.pacificnano.com/afm-artifacts_probe-artifacts.html Images are always a convolution of the probe geometry
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587 08 wk10a afm std - AFM The atomic force microscope(AFM...

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