HW2 2008 V1 - flame photometric and 6 flame ionization f...

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Homework #2: 4 problems Due Wednesday, April 9 th , 4:00PM You must show your work, inclusive of calculations, for full credit. ( Caution: We have found on occasion, that answers in the back of the book are sometimes incorrect.) 1. Calculate the number of molecules in a 1-Liter gas canister used for GC analysis: a. Prior to obtaining the gas sample, the pressure inside the canister is 10 -4 Torr b. After opening the valve, assuming 1.0 atm outside pressure. 2. Gas Chromatography problems from Ch. 26 -27 a. How does gas-liquid and gas-solid chromatography differ? b. What is meant by temperature programming in GC? Why is it used? c. Define retention volume versus corrected and specific retention volume. d. What is the difference between a concentration-sensitive and a mass- sensitive detector? e. Describe the principles of operation for the detectors: 1. thermal conductivity, 2. atomic emission, 3. thermionic, 4. electron capture, 5.
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Unformatted text preview: flame photometric, and 6. flame ionization f. Can I inject any liquid into a GC? Why or why not? 3. Solve the problems assigned in 26-14, 26-15, 26-16 and 26-17 but use the following data. Data Length of packing 23 cm Flow rate 0.35 mL/min V M 1.12 mL V S 0.13 mL Retention Time, min Width of peak base (W), min Nonretained 2.9 A 5.2 0.49 B 13 1.03 C 14.2 1.16 D 22.2 1.8 1 4. Solve problem 27-22, but use the information below. Column length 1.3 m diameter 2 mm weight 1.23 g density 1.05 g/mL Pressures inlet 2.5 psi room 745 torr Outlet flow 25 mL/min Temperature room 22 C column 102 C Retention times (tR) air 22 sec methyl acetate 2.02 min methyl propionate 4.36 min metyl n-butyrate 8.03 min Peak widths methyl acetate 0.21 methyl propionate 1.01 metyl n-butyrate 0.77 2...
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HW2 2008 V1 - flame photometric and 6 flame ionization f...

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