CHEM 694 HW1 Key SP05

CHEM 694 HW1 Key SP05 - Name ANNAMALAI RANJIT Project Topic...

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Name Project Topic single transistor memory cell (1-T TSRAM) that uses 2 resonant tunneling diodes and a transistor. SWNT is probably the best choice for interconnects since the system would have to be able to operate at high speed. The resonant tunnel diode uses two highly doped (delta-doped) layers of Si separated by a layer of SiO2. SiGe is often used to induce strain in the structure and as a diffusion barriers for the dopants. The transistor for this application can be a standard transistor. However, a high speed transistor such as an HBT would be preferable. The whole system can be created without using anything larger than Sb. Model the cooperativelycoordinated conformational changes (folding) of a specific dendrimer. More specifically, this dendrimer has an active site that is similar in structure to catalysts used in the enantioselective catalysis of Diels-Adlerreactions. This dendrimer may work as a catalyst in part by the activation ofthe substrate by stabilizing the transition state through oneof several mechanisms. There are at leasttwopotential transition states and the chirality of the product depends on which oneoccurs. One statewould bestabilized by mulitiple hydrogen bond interactions whilethe other deals with the Pi-stacking of C=C with an
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CHEM 694 HW1 Key SP05 - Name ANNAMALAI RANJIT Project Topic...

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