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CHEM 694 HW4 Key SP05 - HW4 Key Protein Data Base...

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HW4 Key Protein Data Base Assignment Human Deoxy Hemoglobin Volume: 33761.66 cubic Angstroms Mass: 72399.45 amu Main structural features : Hemoglobin is an (alpha) 2 (Beta) 2 tetramer. Within each tetramer is a porphyrin ring complexed to an Iron. Functionality : Hemoglobin acts as an oxygen transport protein in our blood. Each porphyrin Iron preferentially binds to oxygen. When the first oxygen complexes to one of the monomers, the geometry of the Iron with respect to the porphyrin plane changes from square pyramidal to nearly square planar. This cooperatively influences structural changes in the remaining three monomer subunits, thus increasing their ability to reversibly bind oxygen. Hemoglobin atoms only :
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: Displayed below are two different views of the secondary structure (left using thick ribbons and right using cylinders). Each portray the extensive alpha helix network. The Hemoglobin secondary structure contains no beta sheets, only alpha helixes. Atoms and Secondary Structure
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CHEM 694 HW4 Key SP05 - HW4 Key Protein Data Base...

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