Final_TH_AU07 - ECE 740­ Final Exam (Take Home) DUE:...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 740­ Final Exam (Take Home) DUE: December 4, 2007 (by 4.00 p.m.) A three­phase power distribution system is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 The ratings of transformers are: T1: 1 MVA, 63 kV / 20kV, X=10% T2: 10 MVA, 63 kV / 20 kV, X=10% T3: 500 KVA, 20 kV / 480 V, X=5% T4: 500 KVA, 20 kV / 480 V, X=10% T5: 500 KVA, 20 kV / 440 V, X=5% The loads are rated as follows: S1: 500 KVA, p.f.= 0.9 (lagging) S2: 5 MVA, p.f.= 0.85 (lagging) S3: 500 KVA, p.f.= 0.95 (leading) S4: 5 MVA, p.f.= 0.95 (lagging) S6: 100 KVA, p.f.= 0.95 (leading) S7: 100 KVA, p.f.= 0.95 (lagging) Questions : 1 1) Determine the per­unit equivalent circuit of the system shown in Figure 1 using given base voltage 63kV on Bus 1 and base MVA value of 10 MVA for the entire system. 2) Calculate YBUS model of the system for power flow analysis. 3) Give Gauss­Seidel algorithm for solving the power flow problems of this system, assuming Bus 1 is the swing bus (equations only). 4) Calculate the bus voltages and injected powers (P and Q) (using MATLAB) at bus 2,3,4,6,7 assuming that the voltage at bus 1 is 63 kV and varies within 5 %. 5) Determine what needs to be done, if necessary, to make the voltages at Bus 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 within 3% of the rated values. Notes: 1) Team of two students is allowed to work together for this take home exam but INDIVIDUAL final report needs to be submitted by each team member. 2) No electronic submissions will be accepted. (DO NOT send it as email attachment) 3) Your report must be typed. 4) Give detailed mathematical modeling. 5) Give sample calculations. 6) Use tables to show all results. 7) All programs must be attached as appendices. 2 ...
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Final_TH_AU07 - ECE 740­ Final Exam (Take Home) DUE:...

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