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H_9_1 - torque in terms of stator currents and rotor...

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Homework Set #9-1 (ECE743) 1. Problem 1: For a two-phase induction motor is assumed that L ls = L lr = 0.001 H. The machine is supplied by a 110V, 60 Hz source, and has the following parameters: r s = 0.4 , r r = 0.2 , I rated = 30 A How many times greater is the stall current larger than the rated current? Is this a problem? 2. Problem 2: Consider a 2-phase, 8-pole AC induction machine. Derive an expression for the electromagnetic
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Unformatted text preview: torque in terms of stator currents and rotor position in the stationary reference frame: i ds , i qs , i ′ dr , i ′ qr , θ r . Assume the following: L ss – stator inductance, L ′ rr – rotor inductance – mutual inductance. 1...
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