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Homework Set #9-2 (ECE743) Problem 1: In this simulation, a 2-pole, 2-phase, 5 hp. 110 volts, 60 Hz induction machine is to be studied. The machine’s parameters expressed in ohms are: r s = 0.295, X ms = 13.25, X ls = 0.503, X lr = 0.209, r r = 0.144, B r = 0.01 N m sec, V ar = V br = 0 (short-circuited rotor) The reactances are expressed at 60 Hz. The total inertia is J = 0.026 kg-m 2 . At t = 0, rated voltages, ) 377 cos( 2 110 t V as = , ) 377 sin( 2 110 t V bs = are applied to the machine and the rotor accelerates from stall with no-load torque.
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Unformatted text preview: Perform the following: 1) Simulate the free-accelerations characteristics in the stationary reference frame (i.e., i qs (t), i ds (t), T e (t), and r (t)). 2) Compute the steady-state value of as I ~ and the dynamic response of i a (t). Locate the peak value of i a (t) and then compute the ratio of as s I ~ (t) i . Discuss the significance of the as s I ~ (t) i . 3) Derive the steady-state equivalent circuit model for the machine. Show all steps. 1...
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