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Homework Set #12 (ECE743) Problem 1: In this simulation, a 2-pole, 3-phase induction machine is to be studied. The machine’s parameters are: r s = 0.0453 [pu], X m = 2.0420 [pu], X ls = 0.0775 [pu], X lr = 0.0322 [pu], r r = 0.0222 [pu], B m = 0.01 N m sec, H = 1.0 [pu] The per-unit inertia is the combined inertia of the motor and load. At t = 0, balanced 3-phase voltages are applied to the machine and the rotor accelerates from stall with no-load torque.
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Unformatted text preview: Perform the following: 1) Simulate the free-accelerations characteristics in the stationary reference frame (i.e., pu torque vs pu speed, pu torque and pu speed vs time, i qs vs time, i ds vs time, V qs vs time). Bonus Problems 2) Same as Part 1), but unbalanced stator voltages. 3) Same as Part 1), but unbalanced rotor resistors. 4) Same as Part 1), but simultaneous unbalanced stator voltages and unequal rotor resistors. 1...
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