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EM 306 Final Q1 - FM 306 p'oe v:i ^alL Exu ^o r a e"A Tourg...

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- FM 30 6 €p'oe v:i ^alL : --. .ft" roggle clamp is slbjected to a force F at the handle. Determine the vertical .iu-pinj for." u.ting-;iE.' Exu,* .... ^o Tourg-, ,r, a. FrP b E6N'- ) nen'lul - \ no awo ltte o"J"r 62 lr,D FB D @ B5 a7_ oz Bx Dv Ax+ Dx = AstBs br Bx =Q rG=o @Z Fx s2Fs r ry FU J @ Z Mo =
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