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J.W.Kaeli, V.K.Lohani, 2007 Dept of Engineering Education Problem Set I Engineering Exploration (ENGE 1024) Fall 2007 Figure 1 A conical hole is drilled ¾ of the way through a solid equilateral triangular prism. The axis of the hole is parallel to the depth dimension and passes through the centroid of the triangle. The mass of the material removed to create the hole is 50 . 0 grams. A cut is then made parallel to the base of the prism through the center of the hole to create two different parts, A and B, shown in Figure 1. The prism is made of aluminum, with a
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Unformatted text preview: density of 2 . 70 x 10 3 kg/m 3 , and has a width of 3 . 00 and depth of 4 . 00. Do the following: A. Draw the top view (orthographic projection) of Part A. B. Draw the top view (orthographic projection) of Part B. C. Determine and report the volume of each part expressed in a) ft 3 , b) m 3 D. Determine and report the mass of each part expressed in a) slugs, b) kg E. Determine and report the surface area, expressed in in 2 , of each part. Width Depth Part A Part B...
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